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2021 Marks Mackay Rentals 26th year in business, we are proud to be serving the Mackay Community.

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At Mackay Rentals, we aim to provide high standards whilst providing a personalised service to our customers and clients at all times. Investing in property should be dynamic, stress free and profitable when done well. That’s why we’ve spent many years developing our own specialised systems for the leasing and management of residential property. Having meticulously managed our Client’s properties for over 20 years, we have developed both systems and passion that will convey to you the satisfaction and confidence you need as an investor. Making the right choice of Property Manager will ensure the quality of your property and maximising of your financial returns.


Matt Olds

Hi Pat, and to whom it also my concern,
Pat is an exceptionally hard working and excellent Property Manager.
As we live in WA at times we have difficult situations arise and Pat’s ability to sort out issues, liaise with tenants and us certainly does not go unnoticed.
Pat often steps outside the bounds of the expectations of a Property Manager to keep tenants happy which in turn keeps our property leased. I always speak highly of Pat as geographically, our separation from the property means could not be any further away, but know it’s being managed in the best possible way.
Pat’s communication with us is great and will keep us well informed at all times, also is very proactive in seeking results this means any small issues are dealt with in a timely manner to stop them developing into bigger problems.
Regards, Thanks

Satisfied Owner

I have a property in Moranbah, QLD, which has been managed by Pat Watene and Janenne Carter at Mackay Rentals. As a team they have sourced the tenants, checked their suitability and credit worthiness and minimised any potential problems with any of the lets.
I have been impressed with their expertise in marketing these properties and with their attention to every detail. Janenne shows due diligence in managing the accounts side of the lets and keeps me fully documented on a regular basis on all matters. Pat understands the local market extremely well and can pin point where anything from adding a fence to adjusting the rent can influence the rentability of the property. I would say it has also been a real comfort during the recent tough times of the coal recession knowing that the team are managing property whether it has been occupied or not.


Hi Mackay Rentals
Just thought I’d sent a quick email to state how relieved and content I am, to finally deal with a competent, reliable, yet relaxed Real Estate Agency, regarding my investment property.
Nothing seems to be a problem, my requirements and needs are met and my investment property funds, just keep ticking over (it’s great!).
I know there is a lot of behind the scenes work, that is undertaken by the people at Mackay Rentals and all are working together for the common cause….. to keep me happy.
Sonya Lester is my Property Manager and I couldn’t be happier with her and her team. They do such a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone, who has an Investment Property.
If you want to put your mind at ease, let Sonya and the people at Mackay Rentals manage your property, you’ll be able to kick back, relax and put your feet up.

Andrew Gosney

I have 3 houses in Moranbah/Dysart. Two of these houses were vacant long term, with no sign of interest, until Mackay Rentals current property agent (not sure whether you want your name mentioned here Pat), who was new to the agency at the time, put her considerable energy and enthusiasm into renting the properties. Those two previously vacant long term properties were rented within a month and have been vacant for only short periods between leases since. The other property has never been vacant during that time. This property agent goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure the property is rented and well maintained. I thoroughly endorse and highly recommend this property agent.

Satisfied Owner

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Wendy, for all your professional support and guidance of managing our property of some nearly 8 years. It has been an absolute pleasure of having you care for our property and selecting suitable tenants during this time of ownership. I highly recommend you to many people who require top class Property Management in Mackay and surrounding areas.
Barbara, I would also like to thank you for employing a wonderful person like Wendy in your firm, she is a very valuable asset to your company, and is diligent and professional in all dealings with either tenants or trade persons or insurance claims. Wendy has always acted on our behalf in such a manner, as if she herself owned the property, and has always acted under the banner of Mackay Rentals and taken no accolades for her own work. I can only say that I shall miss her communications, but, should we ever need fabulous property managers Barbara, the first and only choice would be your company, and with the choice of having Wendy manage our property.
Take great care Wendy Chatto, you are a great leader in property management and we cannot thank you enough. We wish you great success in your future endeavours and can only say that Mackay Rentals is very fortunate to have you in their team.

Satisfied Owner

I would like to acknowledge you, Wendy Chatto, for the upmost, diligence, care, dedication, competent, energetic and committed management I have ever received in the property market to date.

Satisfied Owner

I have had Wendy as a Property Manager for 6 years. During this time I have been extremely satisfied with the service she has provided. Wendy has always gone above and beyond what I have expected from a Property Manager. I would without hesitation recommend her to be your Property Manager.

Satisfied Tenant

Thank you Mackay Rentals has been amazing.


As far as we’re concerned it’s about return, quality tenants and communication

  • We won’t compromise on our standards, and they’re unbelievably high
  • We’ve created an environment in which complacency doesn’t exist
  • We value our staff and our clients
  • We keep you informed on the tenant selection process
  • We keep you informed on the rental market
  • We are proactive about rent reviews and lease renewals

Contact Mackay Rentals today for all your rental needs (07) 4944 0222